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24/7 Service
Wherever and whenever you want
Executive Management
Our aviation specialists in planning, dispatch, maintenance of flight operations and charter are dedicated to supervising all phases of daily operation. We meet your needs—while allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business without worrying about anything else.
Focus on Safety and Security
OrionJets training programs and the valuable experience of our pilots are closely linked with our guarantee of protection of your needs and your confidentiality
Private Jet Charter
OrionJets offers Charter Flight service with its fleet of planes. Through these flights, our clients can enjoy a very distinguished VIP service of a private nature, having the possibility of making their trips on a plane at their entire disposal.

The option of being able to travel long distances in Europe and Africa at very competitive rates is possible thanks to this type of aircraft, which offers a very exclusive service. Our main characteristic is to offer the client a comprehensive service, managing from the client's pick-up at the airport terminals until their subsequent arrival at their destination, solving any additional need that the client may require, all accompanied by catering and the attention that our passengers require.

There are many clients who trust in our services, business executives, elite athletes, artists, ... which make us improve ourselves day by day in all the facets that make up this type of operation and provide the client with a comprehensive service at the most high level. Currently, our company has three modern private jets with which we provide this exclusive service for our clients, a service that requires elegance as well as speed and power in its performance.

Medical services
Medical transfers represent a business segment with its own specific weight within our company. OrionJets has, within its large fleet of aircraft, a Citation II perfectly equipped to carry out this type of operation with the maximum guarantees, both for the patient and for the medical team.

Our reactor has the possibility of being selected medically for both one patient and two on both stretchers, taking into account the possibility of being able to transfer one or more companions on the flight, in addition to the medical team. Our crews have a high level of experience in medical evacuations and medical transfers both in Europe and on the African continent, something essential to guarantee all the steps in this type of operation, as well as to speed up the procedures prior to any flight of these characteristics.

Urgent Cargo Transport
At OrionJets we offer A-to-B air cargo for both import and export. Shipments flying on our jets aircraft.

Safe, reliable, efficient and A-to-B transportation to the main destinations around Europe and North Africa.

Efficiency and cost optimization, providing customized solutions.

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